Italian Roasted Coffee & Accessories

Italian Blend Roasted Ground Coffee - Oro
Oro Blend - the best Arabica coffees from Brazil and Mexico, enriched them with all the taste and body of selected Robusta coffees. Make the real "bar" today from the comfort of your own home. Try Oro - it's for...
from €5.99
1Kg Italian Blend Roasted Coffee Beans - Crema Bar
Crema Bar is an intense blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans for a creamy & balanced coffee. A unique blend, Crema bar combines the creamy and consistent structure of Robusta with the elegance & finesse of the best Arabica.  ...
Refillable Coffee Pods - Stainless Steel
Each pod is infinitely reusable – for the perfect coffee every time. Simple, convenient, washable and environmentally friendly! Our coffee pods work with all the major brands & no waste. For coffee lovers who love the environment and demand great coffee,...
Quaffolla Valentines Gift Bundle
Quaffolla Christmas Bundle Contents: 1x Famiglia Italian Blend Ground Coffee 250g 1x Oro Italian Blend Ground Coffee 250g 1x Quaffolla Stainless Steel Refillable Capsule

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The Modern Moka Pot and Coffee Politics

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The Italian Community in Ireland

The Italian Community in Ireland

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