• The Motorino (moped)!

    The Motorino (moped)!
    The motorino is an iconic symbol that many people across the globe associate with Italy. They are featured in many depictions of Italian life, as they are immensely popular and are an integral part of Italian culture. In this blog, we’ll delve further into the history of motorinos and why they are so widely used as a form of transport in Italy.
  • The Modern Moka Pot and Coffee Politics

    The Modern Moka Pot and Coffee Politics
    The moka pot has been incredibly influential in Italy by popularising and standardising the coffee drinking experience for all Italian people. It resonates with many people as the traditional and best way to inexpensively make delicious coffee from home.
  • The Italian Community in Ireland

    The Italian Community in Ireland
    Today, there are more than 6,000 people of Italian descent living on the east coast of Ireland alone. Over the years, we have become integrated into Irish society and, by establishing unique industries, there was little conflict between us and the Irish. 
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