Quaffolla x Only Slaggin: Cinnamon Bourbon French Toast

This week we teamed up with the incredible Jim Moore (Insta: @onlyslaggin) to create the perfect breakfast compliment for our La Brasilera coffees. 

As habitual coffee drinkers, we wanted something to really spice up our breakfast routine. Jim went with French toast, but not just any French toast... this is Cinnamon Bourbon French Toast. We can already tell this delectable recipe is going to be our go-to weekend treat for the foreseeable! 



To make the French toast you need:

3 large eggs
1 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon of grated nutmeg
Pinch of sea salt
Butter for the pan / flat top.
A good splash or two of Tennessee fire Jack Daniels.
Brioche bread, cut into 1-2” thick slices.


Whisk all the ingredients to create a custard. Placing the slices into the custard to absorb the liquid. 1-2mins each side should allow the bread to absorb enough custard.

Butter the pan then grill the moist brioche for 1-2 mins each side until golden brown.

Remove and serve warm straight from the grill.

We topped ours with cinnamon sugar, fresh cream, berries, and drizzled in maple syrup!

Make sure to check out our La Brasilera coffees to go with your new-found breakfast treat: https://quaffolla.com/collections/la-brasilera-italian-coffee 

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