History of our Family

Nestled in the mountains of the Val di Comino, the 400-year-old village of Casalattico is home to the Cafolla family.

Giuseppe made the journey to Ireland via a circuitous route through London and Scotland, eventually settling in Dublin. He never lost sight of his roots, and having established himself somewhat in business, he went back to Italy to marry Nonna Nicolina.

Together they started their family and grew their business into a burgeoning chain of Cafolla’s Cafes, eventually becoming famous for their, homemade to a secret recipe, Cafolla’s ice-cream.

The family has always been involved in Dublin city-centre - they lived on Capel St, and socialised with other Italians, keeping traditions alive, and bringing back foods hitherto unknown like pasta, olive oil, and a whole other world of sweets and treats to Dublin. And history has now repeated itself with Quaffolla being born and bringing you Brasilera - a coffee that's synonymous with any café from Rome to Naples!

Watch this space! As Quaffolla will be be bringing other culinary treats from the Val di Comino.

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